Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Still good Karma

In may I went to Russia for the first time with My Sleeping Karma. It was a hard weekend because we really had not much sleep at all. Arriving in Moscow, playing the first gig, driving to the hotel at the airport, sleeping two hours and taking the next plain to St. Petersburg. So I didn't had a chance to see anything but the venue in Russia's capital.
But St. Petersburg is a really awesome city. It's old and beatiful, the audience is really nice and all Russians are friendly and hospitable. We stayed in St- Petersburg for two gigs. The first one was on Solar Systo Festival. It it a Goa-Psy-Trance-Live Music Festival in the forest north of St. Petersburg. This was a crazy experience. It was 11pm and still day light, we started the show at about 12, when it was finally dark. The whole area was really huge and the stages were far away from each other and the people came from all directions out of the forest. We called them friendly "Liquid Acid Hobbits"!
The day after we had a final gig in the centre of St. Petersburg in a nice club. The Rock scene in this city is really big, 6 bands were playing as support!

After a few month the documentation of last years tour with "Monster Magnet" ist finally online. You can check it out on youtube. Thanks to Tim for this entertaining movie.

More gigs with the Karmas:

23.06.13 - Clisson - Hellfest - F

26.07.13 - Johannesberg - Mühlberg Festival - Ger

28.09.13 - Balver Höhle - German Kultrock Festival - Ger

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