Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Fallen Tyrant - Black Metal album production

This was the first time I made a music production with a style of music, way heavier before anything else I did. After recording a rehearsal demo already in 2011 we planned recording a whole album in one weekend. They played live in the living room of the bassist's home, a wooden house with nice acoustics. In the upper gallery we made a studio direction. The room had a good size to build up all instruments with sound barriers to reduce crosstalking. We had very nice RME preamps and a good collection of Jorge's microphones, who engineered this project with me.
If you listen to Black Metal, most of the time the production sound like every instrument gets a small specific range of frequencies, like a bandpassfilter... then you mix them all together and you got a so called "necro sound". I would never say this sounds bad! In the aesthetic view of Black Metal it has a charme that makes the concept complete. On the other hand there are productions, that just sound like metal. Less reverb and triggered drums with a lot of attack.
If we just recorded angry music live in a room, it should also sound like that! Sure I didn't wanted it too clean, but also no necro sound. In the mix we tried to find a good balance. Check out this snippet!

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