Montag, 16. März 2015

Robotnik release the first single of their upcoming album

Hello dear reader. This is Robotnik, a Darmstadt based band. Somehow the music is best described as Progressive Punk with German lyrics.
Here's a fun fact:
They just released "Schwarzer Regen" on Bandcamp (song title means "Black Rain") and it's about the consuming overload in our western society. They have chosen an example of a big baby-store where you drive totally crazy and the black rain is coming down over the "Babyland Bad Mergentheim" - Based on a personal experience by the drummer ;-)

So check out the song below. It's produced by me and it was recorded live in one room, there are no overdubs except the vocals. The upcoming album was mastered by the fabulous Lolo Blümler at Ironbar Studios!

Me like a looooot!

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