Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Festival Season is over!

First to say: I had a great time!
...but it was killing too! I am really tired after so many weekends with less sleep, long distaces by car, plane and train. I'd like to say thanks to the local crews, no matter if some of them were not that professional, you were all friendly and motivated.
Thanks also to Unleash The Sky and My Sleeping Karma for having me with them and sharing all the pain and joy ;-)
My Sleeping Karma at Sonic Blast, Moledo, Portugal
Next projects:
- Film music for Regenbogenmaschine
- Mixing main stage at Golden Leaves Festival
- Robotnik album production
- Kitschconsoul album production
- Malakas Of The Universe European Tour with Wight and Bushfire in October
- Tanksgiving Festival
- Wight album production
- Motor Mammoth album production

I have free dates for recording from December on! Cheers,

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