Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Mix and Master for Decoy Industry release #6

You should know the label Decoy Industry. It's a DIY project of 3 music lovin' dudes from Darmstadt and they only release split singles. All their 7" are very special in designs and prints. This time they made a wooden case that looks like the back of a bullet with initials of the bands and the label. All 222 cases are made with a rotary cutter machine and coloured by hand to have the real "bullet look". A really awesome product.
The bands on this split single are Bushfire (multicultural stoner band from Darmstadt) and Hammerlock (US Southern Rock underground legends). I arranged the recording for Bushfire and sent my friend Jorge with his whole mobile equipment to Bushfires rehearsal room. This was already in June 2012! The tracks I got to mix were really good. I know heard Bushfire live a countless times so I had a really clear idea how the mix should sound like. So I had one more meeting with Bill to overdub the vocals and another meeting with guitarrero Marcus to give the mix a final cut. Take a look at this nice "making of" video, to have an idea how much work this was and why it took till November 2012 to release it. Both songs of the single are also included in the video.

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